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Elizabeth Lindsey, Class of 2016
  • Most Memorable Moment: So many!  The first time I lost myself in a role and became the character. Dressing room bonding times.
  • What I like about BBA: The family environment!  I have so many moms and sisters here and all the performance opportunities.
  • How BBA has changed me: When I first came to BBA I literally didn't talk and had no confidence in myself.  Now I have the confidence to do anything I set my mind to and I talk too much.
  • Favorite Shows: Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker, Peter Pan
  • Favorite Role: Oh so many:) Clara, Aurora, Romeo and Juliet Balcony Pas, Sugar Plum, Wendy, Odile... so literally everything.
  • What do you plan to do next with dance? I will be pursuing a professional ballet career.
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Katherine Free, Class of 2017
  • Most Memorable Moment: Peforming Odette with less than 48 hours of rehearsal. I was suposed to dance the 1st Act Pas de Trois and Baby Swans. But, when the principal guest artist, Emi Hariyama,  came to town she was very sick with pneumonia.  So, I was assigned to be her understudy and  learned the role of Odette overnight. I am so thankful for this opportunity and it was especially wonderful to be coached in the role by Emi.
  • Favorite Costume: Clara’s nightgown and the Vision dress from Sleeping Beauty
  • Favorite Role: Aurora.  So much dancing!  But really, everything I have danced has special meaning. Solar Flares is another role that comes to mind when I think of roles beyond the tutu ballets..
  • What do you plan to do next with dance? I hope to dance professionally with a ballet company. My summer training experiences at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow have inspired my interest in Russian language and culture. I’m working on learning to speak Russian and hope this might lead to the ability to join a Russian or European ballet company at some point. I like to travel, so I hope to find performing opportunities or business opportunities that allow me to see the world.
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Kathleen McCrary, Class of 2018
  • Favorite Shows: Nutcracker
  • Most Memorable Moment: Kicking Carl Dean in the foot during Clara Pas....or, being Dew Drop and hearing Mark Milner say “Yassss” off stage... or, falling during Chinese fouettes.  
  • Favorite Role: Lost Boy or Clara
  • Favorite Costume: Lost Boy... or,  Fairy tutu ...or,  Dragon costume
  • How BBA has changed me: I’ve gotten stronger mentally and physically. I’m more confident.
  • Favorite thing about BBA: The people.
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Linnea Blakemore, Class of 2017
  • Most Memorable Moments: Triple finger turn with Carl as Harlequin; Sitting stage side with Haley, Kat, & Kathleen watching Elizabeth nail Aurora; Mario lifting me; Mark; Holding Kat before her 1st Odette show, trying to convince her she could do it.
  • What I like about BBA: How invested everyone is in each other; it’s a safe place for me to be myself; I get to pretend like I’m a child again.
  • How BBA has changed me: I have become my mom around my girls.  They can come to me for anything, and they know that.  I have found my occupation.
  • Favorite Show: Mistake Waltz
  • Favorite Role: Harlequin, Spanish, Gretel
  • Favorite Costume: Gretel
  • What do you plan to do next with dance? I want to be a dance/movement therapist - using dance as a form of therapy to give those with mental illness a safe outlet to express themselves.
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Mary Margaret Freeland, Class of 2019
  • Most Memorable Moments: Getting into Bolshoi Summer Intensive because of Birmingham Ballet Academy’s training... and everyone going to Moe’s after auditions.
  • What I like about BBA: Family atmosphere and dressing room fun
  • How BBA has changed me: I’m more confident and outgoing.
  • Favorite Show: Nutcracker
  • Favorite Role: Clara or Lost Boy
  • What will I take with me when I move on after dance: I know how to learn quickly and have good time management.
  • Favorite class moment: Performing the YAGP variation (very well!) in front of the company
  • Favorite Costume: Clara party dress, Marzipan tutu, Chinese leggings
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Haley Lockhart, Class of 2017
  • Most Memorable Moments: Kathleen, Linnea, Katherine, and I sat on the floor on the side of the stage during Elizabeth’s Aurora variation.
  • How BBA has changed me: Taught me to work hard and believe in myself
  • Favorite Shows: Peter Pan! and Mistake Waltz
  • Favorite Role: Mistletoe
  • Favorite Costume: Red Songbird Fairy tutu
  • How can it help me in later in life: When I become a lawyer I will be able to think on the spot easier and know how to manage stress.
  • Favorite class moment: When we used to stay after jazz and film ourselves doing tricks in slow motion and taking fun pictures
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Allison Pendleton, Class of 2019
  • What I like about BBA: Everyone here is so supportive and encouraging. During performances people watch in the wings and cheer you on.
  • How BBA has changed me: Birmingham Ballet has given me the opportunity to believe in myself more. I have accomplished things I have never dreamed of doing.
  • What dance gives me for the future: I plan to become an interior architect, and ballet has given me an outlet to express my creative and artistic side.
  • Favorite Ballet: Peter Pan
  • Favorite Role: Lost Boy, Clara, Chinese
  • Favorite class moment: In Nutcracker call-backs, I did hops en pointe for the first time.