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Enrollment: When you register for a class, you are registering for the entire 2019-20 School Year. Our classes are intentionally small and fill on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, we highly recommend you secure your registration for the 2019-20 School Year during the months of April - May. If you do not see availability in the class of your choice, please contact the Birmingham Ballet Academy office. Withdrawal is permitted according to the withdrawal policy. In the event that your class choice does not meet a minimum enrollment of six students an alternative class may be offered. If the alternative class time does not work for you, your fees will be refunded.

Returning Students Enrollment: We recommend that returning students complete their Registration and class selections prior to April 30.

Class Term:
Elementary and Senior Ballet Division classes begin the week of August 12.
Pre-Ballet Division classes begin the week of September 9.
Classes concludes May 8. Additional rehearsals will follow as needed for Showcase.

Due with Registration:
Enrollment Fee : $185 Total (Registration $55 + Showcase Production Fee Installment One $130).

Recital/Showcase: All Academy students participate in a Recital that is part of Birmingham Ballet’s Showcase. The Recital Installment Two is processed during Semester Two.

Tuition Payments: All accounts must be set up with AutoPay. Parents establish and update their AutoPay account through the Family Portal. AutoPay is a secure online payment system. Tuition Fees as well as Recital Costume Fees will automatically draft when they are due. When you Register, your tuition will be automatically set up in Monthly Installments. For savings and convenience, you can change your tuition payment option to Semester or Annual by completing the Tuition Options Form (available under "Documents" in your Family Portal) and returning it with your Registration.

Due Dates for Tuition Options:
Monthly Installment Option: (Tuition Down Payment followed by 8 or 9 equal payments depending on class level) Tuition Down Payment due with Registration (or by July 1). Remaining payments are due on the 1st of each month beginning in August.
Semester Installment Option: (2 equal payments) 1st payment with Registration (or by August 1) and the 2nd on 1/6/2020
Annual Payment Option: 1 payment with Registration (or by August 1).

Recital Costume Fee (Due 11/1): $120 per costume Pre-Ballet and Elementary Division, $135 per costume Senior Ballet Division
Recital costumes are distributed two weeks prior to the Showcase and provided that all tuition and Showcase fees are paid in full.

Refunds: The Registration Fee and Recital/Showcase Fees and the Tuition Downpayment are non-refundable. Costume Fees are refundable prior to December 15. Tuition is refundable according to the Withdrawal Policy.

Withdrawal Policy: During Semester One, you may withdraw from a class with 30 days advance written notification from parent or guardian. Non-attendance is not withdrawal. There are no refunds on pre-paid tuition except in the case of medical inability of the child to continue. Once Semester Two has begun there are no further withdrawals and tuition is due through the balance of the school year.

AutoPay: All accounts must enroll in AutoPay. You can opt to pay with check or cash by signing up for EarlyPay (this will save processing fees). EarlyPay accounts are due 10 days prior to AutoPay accounts. If we have not received your EarlyPay payment by the regular (AutoPay) due date, your AutoPay will be charged.

Collections and Late Fees:
A $30 fee is charged on returned checks or rejected charges from bank accounts. If a credit card is declined for any reason, the responsible party will have 24 hours to provide payment before a late fee of $30 will apply. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for any expenses (including attorney fees) that BBA incurs in pursuit of uncollected tuition or fees. All accounts must be paid in full in order for students to participate in the Spring Showcase.

Family Discounts:
Enrollment Fee - 10% off for the 2nd child and all subsequent siblings.
Tuition - 5% off for 2nd child and subsequent siblings. Family discount applies to the lesser fee.

Girls in Pre-Ballet and Elementary I wear a pink leotard, footed pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and hair in a bun.
Dance skirts are not allowed in Pre-Ballet and Elementary Ballet classes unless sewn onto leotard (no tutus).
Girls in Elementary Ballet II & III wear a black leotard, footed pink tights, pink ballet shoes and hair in a bun.
Girls in Senior Ballet Division wear a black leotard, footed pink tights, pink ballet shoes with stretch pointe shoe ribbons, and hair in a bun.
Boys all wear a white t-shirt, black tights or bike shorts with white socks, and black ballet shoes.
Jazz students wear black leotard, black jazz shorts and beige jazz shoes.
Dance skirts are not allowed in Pre-Ballet and Elementary Ballet classes.
Dance skirts are permitted in Senior Division Variations classes.
Leg warmers are allowed at the discretion of each teacher.
Students without appropriate attire and hair styles may not be permitted to take class.

Attendance and Lateness: Regular timely attendance is required. Please call to report the necessity of an absence. To prevent injury, tardiness beyond 10 minutes may result in the student not being allowed to participate in class. In the event of absence, make-up lessons are encouraged in a class of similar age and ability through March 15. Excessive absences or tardiness to class may result in disciplinary action.

Code of Ethics: To ensure the quality of our environment Birmingham Ballet maintains a zero tolerance policy in regard to bullying, theft, or vandalism. Students will be subject to dismissal for poor attitude, disrespectful behavior, or poor attendance. Parents are also subject to a code of ethics when entering Birmingham Ballet. In the event of a breech of these ethics, a meeting will take place and further incidents could lead to dismissal. Refunds will not be considered for students or parents in violation of this policy.

Class Observation: Each studio has observation windows. Classes may be observed at any time.

Injuries: Parents, legal guardians of minor students and adult students waive the right of any legal action for any injury sustained on school property resulting from normal dance activity or any other activity conducted by the students before, during, or after class time.

Photo Release: Birmingham Ballet and/or BBA is granted permission by parents, legal guardians, and students to use photographs or videos of our students in BB/BBA publications and for promotional purposes including brochures, web sites, posters, and advertisements. Permission is also granted for the school to copyright such photographs and recordings in its name.

Inclement Weather: BBA will close if either the Vestavia or Hoover School Systems close for inclement weather. Classes missed during inclement weather can be made up on an alternate day in a class of similar age and ability level.

National Emergency: When applicable, BBA will follow the policies recommended and/or establish by local schools and government offices. Adjustments will be made to continue classes and programs online, or provide make up lessons, or extend the school year, and/or offer an equivalent training/program experience in an alternate format according the standards of the dance industry at the time. All other policies and procedures will continue to apply.